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Robert Harding

Swimming, Trampoline, Gymnastics, Waterski and Wakeboard Instructor

I can be found on the FA’s list of approved Therapists and do event work for the FA. Assignments include Champions and Europa League and Premiership Matches.



Other Vocational Qualifications:

  • BAGA Trampoline Coach (Level 1)
  • BAGA Gymnastics Club Coach (Level 5)
  • BWSW Waterski and Wakeboard Instructor
  • British Swimming Teacher (Level 2)

‘Helping people who were in pain’, was my reason for training in this extremely comprehensive and effective Therapy, which considers the body as a whole. I believe in it 100% because I’ve seen the results. I pride myself in my patience and determination in finding a ‘solution’ to an injury or painful problem, as quickly as possible. I care about people, and it’s my job to add something to their lives. I can help with physical and emotional difficulties that have affected the body. Emotional support is an integral part of the service that I provide. I’ve treated many people successfully who, previously, couldn’t see a solution to their problem and furthermore, thought there wasn’t one.

I treat any type of painful musculoskeletal problems, sports and non-sports related injuries, stress and emotional tension and I treat people of all ages, male and female.

If you can relate to what I’ve written or are interested in a consultation, I hope very much that you’ll come and see me or call.

Thanks and best wishes

Robert Harding

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