Fitness Assessments

Why not try our new Fitness Assessments Service.
Follow these three simple steps to success:

1) The Fitness Assessment – Measurements

  • Body Mass Index
  • Blood Pressure
  • Body Fat %
  • Heart Rate Test

The results will help as a motivational tool as you strive to improve.

2) Your Personal Programme

Together with the results from your Fitness Assessment and your medical and exercise history your instructor will create a personalised workout programme which is specific to your needs and goals.

This will be your path to better health & fitness, encourage weight loss, better muscle tone & definition, greater endurance and general well-being.

3) The Review

We would review your gym programme and re-test your measurements within two months (this depends on your frequency of gym use).

The cost for a Fitness Assessment and Personal Programme is just £24.00.

Please contact a Fitness Advisor at to make a booking and for additional information.

*Please note – minimum 24hr cancellation policy applies